Eugenics and Anti-Semitism

" may ask why so many of my articles are intertwined with the Jewish approach to eugenics and why I use them over and over again to make numerous points about human behavior AND about the need for nationalism. First, Jews are one of the few identifiable groups (actually, the the Ashkenazi Jews specifically) who have practiced eugenics with tenacious success that has raised their intelligence to a remarkably high level, along with increasing group cohesiveness leading to extreme ethnocentrism or xenophobia. Several issues arise from this achievement.  First, because of the form of their genetic selection process, they have primarily developed their verbal skills, making them uniquely adept at manipulation, deception, propaganda, academics, the media, etc. This would not normally be a problem, except that they have managed with this verbal skill to control politics and national policy, while those with other skills have built of the technological foundations of a great nations in Europe and America. That is, the Jewish contribution may not have been very great or even negative, as their accumulation of far greater wealth than any other ethnic group has to do with their abilities in manipulation of other people through the power of words rather than through constructing or building industry. Skilled craftsmen and technicians are as important as lawyers, politicians, academics or journalists; but the rewards have gone to the elite who have the power of the word over the skill of the craftsmen.

Second, Jews have been at the forefront of promoting multiculturalism, diversity, globalism, etc., while trying to block nationalism, while at the same time embracing Zionism. This faction of Jews, leftover from the days of Communism have maintained their presence in academics, the media and politics and are the primary stumbling block to other ethnic groups trying to form their own cohesive nationhood based on their genetic similarity, just like the Jews have done in Israel. My objection to Jewish influence in America therefore is strictly political and aimed at the Jewish left, not the empirical Jewish right, and their are many of them who reject multiculturalism and genetic assimilation of incompatible peoples. These Jews I embrace, the few that there are on the side of eugenics and human advancement."

" After reading two very critical reviews of Stephen J. Gould et al.'s determination to subvert an empirical approach to scientific reviews of race, evolution and eugenics, I decided to combine an earlier post of rebuttals to Gouldian pseudoscience with two very recent critiques by Kevin MacDonald and Richard Dawkins, along with some older essays and comments by other experts. However, only MacDonald has formulated a hypothesis as to why Gouldian misinformation is so predominant in the popular press. This critique of Gould et al. is from The Culture of Critique, but his two prior works must also be read to fully understand the formulations that MacDonald uses to explain Gould's ability at duplicity, self-deception and propaganda: A People That Shall Dwell Alone: Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy (1995) and Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism (1998)."

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