Martinique: French Literature

May 12th to May 22nd | Apply Now!


Academic Program

3 credits - Literature of French Expression - FREN 280

While in Martinique:

We will visit an overseas department of France (a DOM, Department Outre-Mer) and the focus will be on French literature of the Caribbean melting pot.  Through its literature and hands-on experience, acquire an appreciation for the worldviews and beliefs of the Creole French and the general French poplulation.


Estimated program fee is $2,800.  Program fee includes:  airfare, in-country transportation, lodging, admission fees, insurance & $100 application fee.  Program Fee Does Not Include:  Ferris tuition, required textbooks, passport, meals & personal expenses.

Estimated Total Cost:  $3,895


Student must be in good academic and judicial standing required (2.0 GPA), along with successful application and faculty approval.

Living Arrangements

Program participants will reside in hotels.

Course Information

Daniel Noren, ASC 3060
(231) 591-5881