Italy: English Literature, Italian Language, or Biology

May 10th to May 23rd | Apply Now!

Learn about the language, culture, & literature of Italy by visiting locations such as Rome, Capri, Florence, & Venice. Students will participate in journaling & discussing the day’s activities.  

Academic Program

3 credits - Italian Language - LANG 100
3 credits - Biology - Applied Fermentation - BIOL 280
3 credits - Introduction to World Short Fiction - LITR 241
3 credits - Literature and Film - LITR 243

Students may only take up to 6 credits with this program.

Students must be in good academic and judicial standing (2.0) GPA, along with successful application and faculty approval.  


Estimated program fee of $2,750. Program Fee IncludesLodging, in-country transportation, insurance, admissions fees & $100 application fee. Program Fee Does Not IncludeFerris tuition, airfare, meals, required textbooks, passport, & personal expenses.  

Estimated Total Cost with *Airfare: $5,060

*Airfare cost may vary

Living Arrangements

Students will reside in various hotels.

Course Information 

Language and Literature:
John Caserta

Applied Fermentation:
Professor Mike Ryan


Facts About Italy

Population: 58,090,681

Religion: 90% Roman Catholic

Rome is further north than New York City

The ice cream cone is an Italian invention.

Mt. Vesuvius last erupted in 1944, destroying a number of neighboring villages and the city of Pompeii.