Passport Information

Where to Apply

Mecosta County Clerk's Office,  400 Elm Street, Big Rapids, MI 49307
(231) 592-0783 | Monday - Friday 8:30a - 4:30p

The Register of Deed's office accepts check or money order and can also take photos for $8 extra. The breakdown for payment would be: $140 US State Department, $25 to Mecosta Register of Deed's Office. Express service is extra.

Big Rapids Post Office, 826 Division Street, Big Rapids, MI 49307
(231) 592-0783 | Monday - Friday 10:30a - 3:30p

The Post Office accepts check, cash or debit and can also take the photos. The breakdown for the payment would be: $75 US State Department, $25 fee to Postmaster and an extra $15 for the pictures. Express service is extra.

Walgreens, 1010 S. State Street, Big Rapids, MI 49307
(231) 592-0385 | Monday - Friday 8:00a - 10:00p, Saturday 9:00a - 6:00p, Sunday 9:00a - 9:00p

Walgreens can do passports photos ONLY and cannot process the applications.

Additional Application Location

Application forms can be found online at

What is required to obtain a passport?

The following items are required to apply for a passport. The instruction sheet on the reverse side of the application explains in very explicit detail exactly what will be accepted in regard to the photos and the U.S. Citizenship evidence.

  • You must be a U.S or Naturalized citizen.
  • Submit two passport photographs. 
  • Proof of citizenship in the from of a birth certificate or naturalization certificate must be submitted.
  • You must show valid picture identification such as driver's license or a Michigan State I.D.
  • The proper passport applications must be properly completed and submitted.



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