Level 3: Sample Lesson - English Sounds

Practicing English Sounds

Level: 3
Class: Speaking and Listening
Instructor: Aubrey Adrianson

Students can mispronounce words by either saying a sound incorrectly or using incorrect syllable stress. Many IEP programs teach stress, but not all teach students how to produce certain sounds. This lesson was created as a fun way for students to practice producing English sounds.

Students are taught all of the consonant and vowel sounds in English and the ways those sounds are spelled. Then students analyze their own speech. What sounds do they struggle with? Each student creates a list of problem sounds, or sounds that they struggle producing. Students are then given two assignments. The first assignment focuses on beginning sounds and the second assignment focuses on end sounds.

Assignment #1

In this lesson, students create sentences that alliterate. Words that alliterate all begin with the same sound, but they can have different spellings. Students choose a sound from their list of problem sounds in which to create sentences that alliterate. An example for this assignment can be a sentence like this: The big, bad dogs barked boisterously for bones. Because this is a speaking class, students then practice their sentences in small groups.

Assignment #2

In this lesson, students read and write poetry that rhymes. Words that rhyme end with the same syllable sounds. Some examples of words that rhyme are bear and care, fast and passed, and computer and commuter. Just like with alliteration, different spelling combinations can produce the same sounds. After reading poems and writing poems as a class, students create their own poems, focusing again on those sounds that are typically problematic for them. Students produce poems of different lengths and subjects. This assignment ends with an oral presentation of the collection of poems.

Sample Poems

Ahmad, Saudi Arabia

I'd like to write a simple poem

That begins with a simple start
Describe myself sitting at home
Studying, cleaning, and playing a part.

Sometimes I cook, I eat, then I relax
Chilling with my friend and his new cat
Reading is boring, writing is tough
Jogging is awesome, that's why I do that.

Minwoo, Korea

My phone is rectangular and black.
It needs something to protect the screen.
I bought a cover to protect it
Because I want to keep it clean.

Ayaka, Japan

Sitting on the big bed,
I was reading a novel.
When I almost finished it,
My mom called my name, "Michelle!"

I went to the kitchen,
And she held a cheesecake.
She said to me with a grin,
"Let's have a coffee break."

As it was my favorite cake,
I said, "thank you," with a big hug.
"You're very welcome," she said,
And poured coffee in my mug.

Then we went to a terrace,
And sat in a brown chair.
After she cut the cake,
We ate it feeling the fresh air.