Level 3

Level 3 courses were created for ESL students who have demonstrated an intermediate to low advanced level of English proficiency. Students at this level are capable of carrying on simple conversations in English. These students already have English survival skills, so they can complete tasks like going to the grocery store or ordering food at a restaurant on their own. There is some instruction on American culture, particularly college life, in these courses; however, the focus of these courses is to prepare students for the complicated language tasks required of all American students.

Students who obtain Level 3 are already able to:

  • Complete all of the assumed tasks listed in Levels 1 and 2
  • Use the present, past, and future progressive tenses
  • Use modals to express ability and to make requests
  • Use adjectives with linking verbs
  • Use frequency adverbs
  • Use coordinating conjunctions in compound sentences
  • Use subordinating conjunction of time and location
  • Punctuate sentences correctly using conjunctions and connectors
  • Capitalize most words correctly including proper adjectives
  • Recognize and fix fragmented and run-on sentences
  • Use conjunctions correctly
  • Use transitional words and phrases
  • Write a paragraph
  • Understand basic essay structure
  • Learn vocabulary from context that contains synonyms and antonyms
  • Skim, scan, and read short academic texts for main ideas, details, and inferences
  • Paraphrase, summarize, outline, and respond to shorter academic texts
  • Listen to and understand speech at a normal speed and understand main ideas and some details from conversational and academic texts
  • Understand and produce basic consonant and vowel sounds, syllable stress, intonation patterns, rhythm patterns, and some reduced speech
  • Take notes on short academic lectures and produce a simple outline
  • Express interests
  • Ask for repetition and clarification
  • Lead and participate in group discussions
  • Deliver an academic presentation with basic source integration

Sample Lesson: Listening  |  Sample Lesson: Writing