Past Globalization Events


Date Event
September 16 Hallowed Ground? The New York Mosque Controversy and September 11
Presenters: Tracy Busch and Krishnakali Majumdar
September 30 Hispanic Culture and its influence on the United States
Presenters: Eric Warner visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish; Ana Davila-Howard, Associate Professor of Spanish; and Luzia Tartari, Coordinator of International Recruitment and Admissions
October 7 Global Workforce
Presenters: Dr. Shirish Grover, College of Business and Dr. Piram Prakasam, Office of International Education
October 12 Speaker Dr. Yuri Maltsev-college professor, author, speaker, economic advisor to Mikhail Gorbachev.
Topic: "Russia Past, Present, and Future"; "A Conversation with Dr. Yuri Maltsev Former Economic Advisor to Gorbachev"; "Discussion Perestroika in Perspective Reflections on the Gorbachev Years."
October 21 Student Fulbright Discussion
Presenter: Professor Maryanne Heidemann, College of Arts and Sciences
November 4 Why Learn a Second Language?
Presenters: Professor Ana Davila Howard and Professor Dan Noren College of Languages and Literature
January 20 Understanding Religious Diversity
Presenters: Pastor John Bookshaw representing St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Joseph Castano representing Jehovah's Witnesses, and Ahmed Taha representing Muslims
Feburary 3 Is Islam compatible with Democracy and Women's rights?
Presenters: Professors Krishnakali Majumdar, Meral Topcu, J. Randall Groves, and Dr. Don Roy from College of Arts and Sciences
February 10 No Passport Required: Explore France
February 24 No Passport Required: Journey to Germany
March 17 No Passport Required: South Korea
March 24 No Passport Required: Mexico vs. Spain
March 31 How does medical tourism impact the high costs of healthcare in the US?
Presenters: Professors Krishnakali Majumdar and Robert Friar from College of Arts and Sciences
April 7 No Passport Required: South Africa
April 14 Why Learn a Second Language?
Presenters: Professors Ana Davila Howard, Lilia Caserta, Dan Noren, and Shirish Grover


Date Event
September 8 Globalization Initiative Dinner
September 17 Global Reflections Discussion: "Globalization: Opportunity or Threat?"
October 15 Global Reflections Discussion: "Globalization and Us"
November 12 Critical Encounters: "Diversity, Cosmopolitanism and Counter-Cosmopolitanism in the European Union"
November 19 Global Reflections Discussion: "Globalization and Higher Education"
January 14 Globalization and Manufacturing
Panelists: Luiz Costa, Assistant Professor, Electrical Electronics Engineering Technology and Computer Network Systems; Kevin Kinnally, General Manager, Kraftube, Inc.; Pat Klarecki, Interim Director, School of Design and Manufacturing; David Steenstra, Department Head, Management.
February 9 Ugur Kenan Ipek, Turkish Consulate General, Chicago
Topic: Turkey and its relationship to the U.S. and European Union
February 18 Globalization: China and India
March 2 Naomi Tutu, Daughter of Desmond Tutu
Topic: South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation: Healing the Wounds of Racism