In Search of African America:  One Collector's Experience January 17-March 21, 2004

Harlem Renaissance
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items in exhibit caseToy: Marionette "Clippo's Lucifer" in Original Box with Instructions, 1938
Mr. Hicks: "This I bought from a toy dealer in Iowa City right before he moved out east and he was liquidating a lot of his collection and he gave me a real good deal on this. Plus it has the box so it's a really neat toy."

Toy: Tin Wind-Up "Alabama Coon Jigger", 1920
Mr. Hicks: "I just got this one three weeks ago. He'll dance, but I try not to wind them up."

Tin: "Sambo Axle Grease" 1930
Mr. Hicks: "I got this can at a sale in Sigourney about 3 or 4 years ago."

Coffee Can: "Mammy's Favorite Coffee" 1920

Pipe: Carved Painted Wood Pipe, 1920

Tin: "Bigger Hair Tobacco" 1930

Tin: "Nigger Hair Tobacco" 1920
Mr. Hicks: "I bought most of these tins when I first started collecting, because you don't even see this stuff come up for sale anymore. The "Nigger Hair" tins are the like the Holy Grail of tins in collectability. They're in all the books. There's one here with "Nigger Hair" and one with "Bigger Hair" because they changed the name to be more politically correct in the 1930s. In the early 30s there was an uproar over the name so they changed it. But it's interesting that it was made in Milwaukee-up north."

Tin: "Dixie Kid Cut Plug Tobacco" 1920
Mr. Hicks: "I got this when I first started collecting. I got it at a sale in Ft. Madison."

This exhibit is divided into 10 sections

the exhibit gallery1. Introduction
--The James Hicks Collection

2 young men 2. The Burden of Slavery, 1619-1861

Civil War soldier 3. The Civil War, 1861-1865
boy 4. The Price of Freedom: Reconstruction, 1865-1877

3 young people 5. Say Hello To Jim Crow, 1878-1897

young woman 6. Up From Slavery: The Self Help Period 1898-1919
man wearing saddle shoes 7. The Harlem Renaissance, 1920-1946 (you are here)
Martin Luther King Jr. 8. The Civil Rights Era, 1947-1968
Hubert Brown 9. The Black Power Movement, 1968-1980
Bill Cosby 10. The Turn of the Century, 1981-2004
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Toy: Tin Wind-Up "Alabama Coon Jigger", 1920Tin: "Sambo Axle Grease" 19302 tobacco tinsTin: "Dixie Kid Cut Plug Tobacco" 1920Pipe: Carved Painted Wood Pipe, 1920Coffee Can: "Mammy's Favorite Coffee" 1920Toy: Marionette "Clippo's Lucifer" in Original Box with Instructions, 1938OU