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Thank You from University of Western Ontario

Dear Dr. David Pilgrim,

My name is Roslyn Barranca and I am a student at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. I am taking an Advanced American Studies course and in this we had the task of doing a presentation on an issue in American Studies. My topic of choice was the Mammy and Sambo caricatures in Literature, Media and Consumer Culture. I wanted to thank you for your Jim Crow website facilitated through Ferris State University. Your work and that website helped guide my work immensely. As a student I felt the need to thank you for your dedication to understanding caricatures and how they shape the social narrative of those who perhaps did not have the chance to do it themselves. I just wanted to write an email because I am a fan of your work. If you ever come to Canada please visit Western, we have an amazing American Studies Program and I know students like myself would love the chance to meet you and listen to your work. All the best!

Roslyn Barranca
University of Western Ontario

-- Nov. 23, 2011



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