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Your Talk in Montreal

Hello Sir,

I was in attendance at your lecture at Concordia University in Montreal, and I really enjoyed your talk. I am not a student myself, but am looking to further my understanding of the world, and found a lot in your talk that I appreciated. Most of all, having things placed in a historical perspective I find very helpful in creating a clearer understanding of current events, which is, I guess, a simple and common idea, but one that feels good to have reinforced. I hope to visit the museum soon. I did have one small question though, whether you will change the name of the museum. I don't ask because I take offense, but because you had mentioned regret over the naming. And because it seemed to be in odds with a quote that was on your PowerPoint, I'm sorry, I can't remember it exactly, something about how deeper dialogues happen rarely once coarse language is involved.

Otherwise I appreciated your talk, and admire your determination for dialogue, honesty, and facing the truth.

Take care,

Jeremy Nischuk
Montreal, Quebec

-- Feb. 21, 2011



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