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Content Collection

- FerrisConnect features a Content Collection. This is part of the content management system within FerrisConnect. This allows users to store up to 1 GB of data. Please read the article for more information.

Respondus LockDown Browser Problems

- This article will provide a work around related to the Respondus LockDown Browser. There are separate instructions for assessments that both require a password and those that do not.

FerrisConnect New Features

- Information on the new features of FerrisConnect

Blackboard Mobile Learn App for FerrisConnect

- Learn how to download and install the Blackboard Mobile Learn App on iOS devices.

CPS Common Issues

- Common issues relating to the Classroom Performance System.

Student Manual

- Searchable on-line help file at the Blackboard.com web site.


- Learn about the two different types of Announcements in FerrisConnect and where to find them.

Getting Started with the Course Environment Adobe Acrobat PDF Image

- Although this document is primarily intended for Instructors, students may find the Glossary terms to be valuable information.

Last updated: 05-29-2013