Welcome Parents

At Ferris State University we are sensitive to the changes your student is going through as he or she begins her postsecondary experience. We recognize you have guided your son or daughter through enormous changes already, and with college on the horizon everything seems to be in the process of changing almost overnight.

College life poses different challenges for students with disabilities. When students enroll in college, they are considered responsible adults by faculty and staff. The major expectation is the belief your student will assume responsibilities for meeting their class requirements.

Although services will be available to students through the Educational and Career Counseling Center and Disabilities Services, students will be responsible for seeking these services and supports. Good communication skills and knowledge about oneself become crucial to success at any college or university. We are here to help answer your questions.

If your student is still in high school you may want information for helping them to prepare for studies at Ferris State University. You would most likely want to know the difference between High School and University accommodations and ways to help your students make a successful transition into post-secondary life.

Just as when your student started receiving services during their K-12 educational experience, there are new terms and federal laws that govern your student's access to accommodations. This website is designed to shed some light on those areas.

You may also want a better idea of the Services and Procedures of how things work in our office, what documentation is needed for accommodations and frequently asked questions of other concerns you may be having about your student's experience at FSU.

You may also have additional questions for the licensed counselors at our center and we look forward to helping you however we can.