Animal Cognition Laboratory


pigeonFerris State University’s animal cognition lab consists of two research labs and a colony room to house the pigeons that are used as subjects.  The goal of the lab is to explore the learning and cognitive abilities of pigeons.  The research focuses on concept formation and memory strategies.




Dr. Janice Weaver guides students through the research process. Students receive hands-on experience learning and applying information about research and theories of learning. In the lab, students are actively involved in research in the field of animal cognition.

   student with pigeon                                   student holding pigeon

Dr. Weaver's research interests include conditions that affect stimulus preference (e.g., value transfer, work-ethic), the interchangeability of stimuli (e.g., functional equivalence, common coding), and the ability to discriminate between stimuli (i.e., differential outcomes).

Contact Information:
Dr. Janice Weaver
Office: ASC 2095
Phone: (231) 591-2787