Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my academic advisor and when can I register for next semester's classes?

On the Ferris Homepage...  

  • Click on the MyFSU link and sign in
  • Select the MyACADEMICS tab
  • Under the Registration box, click on Registration Status/Advisor Information
  • Select Term

I need to register for next semester’s classes but I can’t find my advisor.   How do I find him/her?  When should I contact him/her to register for classes?

Look for your advisor during his/her office hours or make an appointment with him/her.   Your advisor’s office hours and extension are found on the Arts and Sciences website (click on the department that your advisor is in followed by “faculty and staff” and then the name of your advisor).   Your advisor’s office hours can also be found in the Arts and Sciences Dean’s office (ASC 3052) and may also be found on your advisor’s office door.   If you can’t find your advisor during his/her office hours or during a scheduled appointment then go to to his/her department office, and request assistance finding your advisor, and they will help you.  We suggest contacting your advisor 2-3 weeks prior to the first day that you can register for classes.

Do I get my associate of science degree after completing the pre-pharmacy requirements?

No, you need a minimum of 9 social awareness credits.

Taking ECON 221 and PSYC 150/SOCY 121 (which are part of the pre-pharmacy curriculum) will give you only 6 social awareness credits.   You need 3 more social awareness credits to be eligible to receive an associate of science degree.   View Sortable General Education list for Social Awareness Courses

I want to withdraw from a course but if I do then I will be enrolled in fewer than 12 credits (the minimum needed to be considered to be a full-time student) this semester.   If I am registered with fewer than 12 credits then won’t I lose my financial aid?

Not necessarily.   See the information under “Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum Requirements” and then under “Withdrawing from a Course and Financial Aid”.

I could not register into a section that I wanted because it was full.   What should I do?

First register into another section if possible and then periodically check if seats become available in your desired section.   Sometimes seats become available when students readjust their schedules or the department increases the maximum enrollment.   If you can’t register into any section then contact the department to see if there is a waiting list for the course.

I was registered in BIOL 121 and CHEM 121 but I withdrew from/failed CHEM 121.   Does this mean that I can’t take BIOL 122 the following semester since CHEM 121 is a prerequisite for BIOL 122?

You still might be able to registered for BIOL 122 the following semester if...

  • you received a B- or higher in BIOL 121
  • and you plan on repeating CHEM 121 the following semester
  • and you receive permission from the biology department

The biology department (ASC 2004) will handle these exceptions on a case-by-case basis

I want to repeat a biology or chemistry course.   Do I have to take the lab portion again or may I use a lab grade from a previous time that I took the course?

You may use the old lab grade if your new instructor and the biology or physical sciences department allows it.   You must ask the new instructor and the department for permission.   If the course that you want to repeat is BIOL 121 or 122 then you do not need the instructor’s permission but you need to go to the biology department (ASC 2004) and fill out a request-for-lab-grade-transfer form.

Is there is a penalty for filling out the pharmacy application incorrectly?

Yes.   Examples of commonly made mistakes are found here.

I was not accepted into Ferris’s College of Pharmacy.   How do I strengthen my application for next year?   What kind of grades and PCAT scores do I need to get into the College of Pharmacy?

The standards may change from year to year.   However, getting into the College of Pharmacy is competitive.   The average Math/Science GPA of a student matriculating into the program in fall 2008 was a 3.76 which is slightly higher than an A- at Ferris (A- = 3.7).   The average composite PCAT score was in the 93 th percentile.   Note that these are averages i.e. some students matriculated with lower grades and/or PCAT scores.   The advice given by the College of Pharmacy on how to improve an application is stated in their FAQ section.

If I am admitted into the College of Pharmacy but do not complete all of the course requirements by the end of the spring semester of the year that I am supposed to enter pharmacy then do I lose my seat?   Does my rank change?

No, you do not automatically lose your seat.   No, your rank does not change.   You may take courses during the summer before entering the College of Pharmacy to complete the course requirements.   You must successfully complete all of your requirements before the beginning of the fall semester or you will lose your seat.

I am thinking of changing my major.   What should I do?

If you are certain that you want to change your major...

  • But you do not know which major to change to then contact the Educational and Career Counseling Center
  • If you are interested in a different major in the College of Arts and Sciences then contact the advisor for the program that you are interested in on the following sheet
  • If you are interested in a different major in a different college then contact that college for more information

If you are not sure whether you want to change your major then contact your academic advisor.