Tracy N. Busch

TracyN Busch

Associate Professor of History
Office: ASC 2051
Phone: (231) 591-5846
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Dr. Tracy Nichols Busch is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of History in the Humanities Department.   She received her BA from Vassar College in 1991 and her PhD from Georgetown University in 2004.   Her PhD dissertation focused on a society of volunteers that promoted automobile production and road construction in the early Soviet period. This semester Dr. Busch is teaching World History and American History.  


Tracy Busch brings a great deal of practical experience to her academic work.   Most recently, she managed a Russia program for the Federal Highway Administration that brought U.S. and Russian states together to conduct technology transfer. She has also managed a U.S. Agency for International Development grant that promoted civil society in Russia after the fall of Communism.


Although her academic interests are many and varied, Dr. Busch is currently most interested in the connection between technology and culture. Her article on Russia s eighteenth century roads is about to be published and several others are under development.   Her next large project is the expansion of her dissertation into a book titled Stalin s Roads: Highways as Workshops of Soviet Culture in the Interwar Period.