History Bachelor of Arts

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Historians are like 'social detectives.' They try to understand the men and women, groups and events of earlier times by studying the 'clues' left behind such as visual documents and artifacts, diaries, official documents and records, economic data and newspapers. Historians use these 'clues' to determine which events were most important, why things turned out the way they did, or what lessons we can learn from the past.


The history major prepares students to see 'the big picture' and to focus on our most important societal issues, decisions, and trends. The history major prepares students to gather, assimilate, and interpret a wide variety of information from many different sources and to view issues from different perspectives. Students entering the History major should have strong reading skills and be interested in learning about the experiences of others. Students in the History major study the history of the United States, the history of other regions of the world, and the methods of historical research. They also have the opportunity to select courses of special interest to them, such as African American history or the history of science and technology.

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