Steve Fox

Steve Fox

Journalism, Education/Training

By Antonio Coleman

“Individual journalists must maintain a different level of fairness, objectivity, and integrity,” states Professor Steve Fox.

With over 15 years of career experience, Ferris State University educator Steven Fox has taught journalism on various levels. A professor of English and Journalism, Steven also advises the University student newspaper, The Ferris State Torch.

Educated at Central Michigan University and Grand Valley State University, Steven carries both a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and a master’s degree in Communication. Though accomplishing much in his vast career as both an educator and journalist, Steven considers one of his greatest accomplishments to be the ability to give opportunities to young writers.

“I take pride in my ability to see potential in young people, and then help them achieve that potential,” Steven states.

Previously working as both a beat reporter and copy editor, Steven uses real-life career experience to educate students toward the fast-paced nature of the field. With both his hands-on knowledge and his passion as an instructor, Steven displays proficient leadership as an assistant professor of English at Ferris State University.

Witnessing many changes in the field, Steven acknowledges the media trends that have taken place since his own internship 15 years ago.

When asked about the changes in the field, Steven said, “When I served my internship more than 15 years ago, I typed my stories at a typewriter. Obviously, things have changed drastically. I can also recall spending a lot of time in my early career leafing through what we called the morgue—the old newspapers. That was often how I did research. I also spent a significant amount of time at the library. Those have both gone the way of the personal computer with Internet access at every reporter’s desk.”

Though uncertain of how these changes will affect the future of media sources, Steven remains optimistic in the future of journalism.

“We have no idea how news will be delivered in the future. Whatever happens, good journalists need to continue to be fast, accurate, and maintain the highest level of integrity. If they do those things, there will always be a place for them in our society,” states Steven.

The future of journalism lies, and will always continue to lie, in those who strive to find social truths. Throughout his career as an educator, Professor Steven Fox continues to teach young journalists the ability to find this truth within both society and themselves.

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