Erin Weber

Erin Weber

Education/Training, TPC Alumni

By Antonio Coleman

“You are truly the one in control of your ship,” states Professor Erin Weber.  With experience in both freelance and technical writing, Professor Erin Weber brings knowledgeable career experience to the students of Ferris State University’s Language and Literature Department.

Erin holds both a bachelor’s degree in technical communication from Ferris State University and a Master’s of Technical and Scientific Communication from Miami University of Ohio.

Prior to becoming a professor at Ferris, Erin was senior communications manager for Mycom Enterprises in Cincinnati, Ohio. An experienced technical writer, she also worked with AK Steel and assisted in new system software development for Proctor and Gamble.

With successful mentoring from such experienced FSU professors, such as Bob Ferguson and Sandy Balkema, and medical writer Jeanne Fitzgerald, Erin brings with her a variety of professional perspectives.  “Learning is an active process,” Erin states.

Now an educator, Erin Weber assists in helping students establish professional identities and develop career networking skills. Her ability to provide multi-disciplinary training helps prepare students for success in the Technical and Professional Communication program.

Blending various media and communication skills, Erin helps students develop a sophisticated foundation in both writing and technology. Most importantly, Erin teaches students that engaging in the learning process is a lifelong journey.

Erin advises students that they must maintain writing, analytical, and oral communicative skills. Through her experience as a tech writer, Erin Weber acknowledges the changes present in the technical communications career field.

According to Erin, the vast increase in communication accessibility has increased the market’s demand for multi-skilled technical writers.  “Maintain adaptability. Success comes from learning,” she states. 

With numerous professional highlights and vast career experience, Professor Erin Weber displays the leadership skills essential to guide the next generation of technical writers into the future ahead.

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