Faculty & Staff In-Kind Gift Reporting Instructions

In-kind donations are gifts of tangible items (e.g. equipment, software, books, educational materials and supplies). Report your department or program in-kind donations online by completing a Notice of Receipt of In-Kind Donation according to the following instructions.

This form is NOT to be used for cash gifts. Cash and checks should be sent or delivered to the Advancement Office for deposit.

Any questions regarding the completion of the form may be directed to the Advancement Office at x 3849.

Form Completion Instructions

  1. Name of the donor, individual or corporation, as it should appear in donor publications.
  2. If donor is a corporation or organization, contact person to receive acknowledgment of the gift.
  3. If the donor is a corporation or organization, job title of the contact person.
  4. Mailing address for gift receipt and acknowledgment letter.
  5. Donor’s relationship to the University.
  6. Value of the gift.
  7. Date gift was received.
  8. Expense FOAP account number including object code (the account that would be charged if you were purchasing this item).
  9. Credit FOAP account number (the account in which the gift revenue is recorded).
  10. Purpose of the gift (e.g. classroom use, unrestricted general University use, operating supplies, parts).
  11. Method used to establish gift value. After you have completed the form online, print the form and attach a copy of valuation source (e.g. invoice copy, established documentation such as blue book for automobiles, catalog price, company price list) and send it to the Advancement Office at PRK 101. For gifts exceeding $5,000 a qualified appraisal must be obtained for the item contributed. Contact the Advancement Office for specific requirements.
  12. University representative receiving gift.
  13. Office location (building and room number of the person listed on line 12).
  14. Department of the person listed on line 12.
  15. Telephone number of the person listed on line 12.
  16. If you have written an acknowledgement letter to the donor, please attach a copy to this form. When writing to the donor, please DO NOT refer to the value of the gift. The gift will be acknowledged and a copy of this form will be mailed to the donor by the Development Office.
  17. Donors who wish to remain anonymous will not be included in any publicity or donor publications.
  18. For inventory control purposes, please list each item including model and serial numbers if available.

After completing the online form, click on the print button to print a copy of the form, then submit the form by clicking on the email button.

Please forward your completed form with back-up documentation to the Advancement Office at PRK 101 for official University acceptance and acknowledgment. After processing, copies will be distributed in the following manner:

  • Official copy to the donor with the acknowledgment letter
  • Property control
  • Department reporting the gift

If you have any questions, please contact Sherry Erbes at the Advancement Office at extension x2940.