The Homecoming Committee
Homecoming 2012

The 2014 Homecoming Committee has been selected.  Interested in having fun, building team skills and adding valuable experience to your resume? Learn More...

Overall Chair - Shannon Ramso
King/Queen Selection Chair - Melissa Kocefas
Promotions and Community Outreach Chair - Adrienne Prout
Bedsheet Banner Chair - Christine Johnson
Lip Sync Chair - Christina Randall
Kickball Chair - Herman Brooks III
Bonfire Chair - Samantha Watson
Comedian Chair - Josh Oiszewski
Parade Chair - Kendall Dyke
United Way Chair - CLACS Student Staff



Carrie Adams (United Way)
Mickie Albright (Bedsheet Banner)
Amber Balmer (Overall & King & Queen Advisor)
Brandi Behrenwald (Lip Sync Advisor)
Christa Bull (Graphic Designer)
Nick Campau (Parade Advisor)
Teresa Fogel (Comedian Advisor)
Fern Labra (5K)
Danielle Leisner (Promotions and Community Outreach Advisor)
Jeremy Mishler (Kickball)
MaryKay MacIver (Website/Social Media)
Amy Packard (Lip Sync Advisor)
Joe Rolnicki (Bonfire Advisor)