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TO: All Members of the University Community 97:25
DATE: September 1997

Intrusion Alarm Policy
(Supersedes 92:1)

    All areas that have intrusion alarms will display warning decals on the door. Permission must be obtained from the alarmed area’s supervisor or Public Safety before entering an alarmed area when the alarm is in operation, except in emergency situations. Contractors shall not enter alarmed areas without permission from the Physical Plant Project Manager who, in turn, will obtain permission from the alarmed area supervisor or Public Safety. Entry into an alarmed area without permission may be grounds for discipline or criminal prosecution. A list of alarmed areas may be obtained from Public Safety, and any questions should be directed to Public Safety.
    1. All intrusion alarms on the FSU campus will be required to report to the Department of Public Safety Central Alarm Panel.
    2. All new installations of alarms must be approved by the Department of Public Safety.
    3. All alarmed areas will have "warning alarmed area" decals on all access doors.
    4. The cost of installation, maintenance, and repair of intrusion alarms will be paid by the area purchasing the alarm.
    5. Public Safety reserves the right to deactivate an alarm system that has a record of frequent false alarms.
    1. Alarmed area personnel will be responsible for turning their alarms on and off.
    2. The response procedure is:
      1. If an alarm is tripped, an alert tone sounds on the alarm panel and the location, time, etc., is printed out on the alarm monitor and alarm printer.
      2. Public Safety will dispatch an officer to respond to the alarm.
      3. Public Safety will contact the alarmed area supervisor and request they meet the officer at a location outside the alarmed area.
      4. If Public Safety receives a telephone call advising the alarm was false or accidental, they will still verify the alarm status with the alarmed area supervisor. Officers will go to the alarmed area and meet the alarmed area supervisor outside the alarmed area.

Richard P. Duffett,
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Contact: Public Safety