Quality Matters™ at FSU

The Quality Course Design Framework (QCDF) at FSU

The Quality Framework at FSU is a growing initiative to address the shared concern and need for online course quality. This initiative is based upon the Quality Matters™ faculty centered peer review process. The approach assures quality through training and guidance on how to develop and continuously improve our courses to improve student learning.

Similar to the three areas of focus in the Quality Matters™ Program, FSU has a focus in the following three areas:

1. Professional Development (QCDF Workshop):

FSU has developed its own workshop to introduce faculty to the QM™ principles and standards. The workshop is currently a 7-week, blended course. Deliverables for the workshop include weekly posts and feedback to colleagues along with an example course or course module that demonstrates application of the rubric.


2. The Peer Review Process:

After the workshop, faculty may submit their course or modules for review by the FCTL designer and or a small group of trained faculty. The faculty and this small group meet to discuss the review. The process is collaborative and diagnostic where recommendations for improvement are shared.

quality matters chart


3. The QM Rubric:

The QM™ Rubric is 8 overall standards that are supported by teaching and learning research and best practices. It has 41 sub-standards and descriptive annotations that explain how to apply the standards.

standard 1