Transfer Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1- If the course I've taken isn't listed does it mean it won't transfer?
       R.1- No. In general, if your institution grants credit for the course and you have a satisfactory grade, FSU will allow transfer of the credit or the course. Please provide a catalog course description or syllabus of the course for review by the appropriate department on campus for a determination of the exact credit to be granted.

Q.2- Will my "D" grades transfer?
       R.2- "D" grades are not acceptable for transfer credit. Only grades of "C" or higher are transferable to Ferris State.

Q.3- If I transfer in an associate degree can I complete my BS in 4 semesters?
       R.3- It may be possible. This would depend upon how well you planned the course content of your associate degree to match the BS program requirements at FSU.

Q.4- If I took classes more than 5 years ago, will my credits still transfer?
       R.4- Yes. While Ferris State University will grant credit for this coursework, there may be circumstances where it is advisable to take the coursework over again. Examples: to refresh your memory for succeeding coursework or where advances in the field have outdated your knowledge from these courses.

Q.5- How can I find out what courses fulfill a specific G.E. requirement, i.e., Cultural Enrichment, and Social Awareness?
       R.5- Coursework, which will fulfill specific G.E. requirements, are delineated in the FSU Catalog under the General Education heading. You may find this information on this WEB site or by requesting a catalog from the FSU Office of Admissions. Additional information may be obtained through the FSU Dean's Office of the College where your future academic program is located.

Q.6- Who can I contact if I have more questions regarding transfer credits?
       R.6- The FSU Dean's Office of the College where your chosen academic program is located.

Q.7- How many credits can I transfer to FSU?
       R.7- It is expected that a maximum of one-half of the total hours required for completion of the degree at Ferris may be transferred from non-bachelor degree granting institutions. Additional coursework may be transferred from a bachelor degree granting institution. A minimum of thirty semester credit hours must be Ferris State coursework. It is expected that these credits will be the final thirty credits. However, if your institution has an articulation agreement with FSU, this agreement supersedes this policy. For further information, contact the FSU Dean's Office of the College where your chosen academic program is located.

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