Transfer Student

Transfer Students: Course and Transcript Evaluations

Transcripts of transfer students are evaluated by the dean's office of the College in which the student enrolls.

Transfer course equivalency evaluations are determined by the Ferris State department with comparable coursework as indicated by the Ferris course designator. These evaluations represent an institutional determination and will not be independently renegotiated by each Ferris State University College. That is, if a transfer student enters Ferris State and then changes program and College, the initial transfer course equivalent determination is not changed.

Course evaluations allow equivalency determination where courses are at least 75% the same content. Course equivalency is not denied simply on the basis of differences in course numbering. For instance, a community college adolescent psychology course at the 200 level is not denied equivalency for a 300-level Ferris adolescent psychology course, if the two courses are substantially the same in content.

In those cases where specific course equivalents are not transferred, prerequisite course requirements may be waived and the course equivalency granted when the transfer student completes the next course in a sequence with a grade of "C" or better, demonstrating prior preparation equivalent to preceding courses in the sequence. Failure to achieve a grade of "C" or better in the latter course indicates that the student needs to take the appropriate Ferris prerequisite course.

Course sequences or clusters may be evaluated for Ferris State course equivalency in total rather than course-by-course. For example, when a community college "packages" its course sequence differently but covers substantially the same content as the Ferris course sequence, the entire sequence of transfer courses may be evaluated as a whole, rather than course-by-course.
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