Buyer Beware

Every year parents of new and returning college students are bombarded with solicitations enticing them to buy items that are “essential to your student’s success” in college, especially the residence halls. Advertisements and solicitations are misleading to suggest that colleges have “special sized” furniture or that Ferris has exclusive agreements with particular companies to provide linens, carpeting, refrigerators, lofts, etc.   Please be aware that Ferris State University’s Office of Housing and Residence Life does nothave any such relationships with outside vendors. Among those companies that target college students with misleading advertisements are linen companies, loft-style bed companies, and other “campus” marketing companies.

All the information you need to know concerning the size of our rooms, size of beds/mattresses, the approved specifications for lofted bed(s) and the furnishings provided by the university can be found at the Ferris State Housing web site:

From time to time Ferris State University’s National Residence Hall Honorary, the student government body for the residence halls, may solicit parents with the opportunity to purchase exam week snack/study kits, birthday cakes or other opportunities for making their student feel special. If you have questions concerning the authenticity of a promotion you receive please do no hesitate to contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at 231-591-3745 or e-mail us at