Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision Statement

The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is a collaborative and welcoming learning community which aims to influence measurable effectiveness in teaching, advance scholarly activities, and promote innovation in teaching and learning.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning is to support Ferris faculty and the greater educational community in their efforts to affect deep and positive learning.


The Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning values:

  • The University’s core values of collaboration, diversity, ethical community, excellence, learning, and opportunity
  • Teaching that is grounded in substantiated research of how people learn and other research on teaching and learning (e.g., learner-centered teaching, active learning)
  • Being a safe and supportive environment for Ferris faculty to seek assistance, learn, and work in creative and diverse ways
  • The autonomy of individuals, while also recognizing the shared responsibility of the University community to advance the mission, vision, and goals of Ferris State University
  • Making public our policies, processes, and the outcomes of our work without infringing upon the privacy of others
  • Involving faculty members in determining FCTL's practices, policies, and programmatic priorities
  • Having respectful and open- and service-minded relationships with the entire University community


Picture of two faculty collaborating