Probation Resources

On-Campus Resources

The Academic Support Center(ASC 1017) provides free tutoring and individualized study skills assistance. They also provide a speakers series on a variety of topics related to academic success. Stop by or call 591-3543 for an appointment.

The Writing Center (ASC 1017) provides assistance and development of writing skills. Call 591-2534 for an appointment. Some walk-in appointments may be available.

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) (ASC 1033) is an academic support program which offers students up to 45 hours of extra help per course at no additional cost to the student. SLA workshops are tied to specific courses.  For more information call 591-5947.

Academic Advising is available in your college to help you understand the standards required to enter, progress, and graduate from your program as well as become a successful professional in the field. All students are encouraged to meet with their advisor on a regular basis. To find your advisor’s office address and phone number:

  • log onto MYFSU;
  • click on the “Academics & Services” tab;
  • Click on the “Registration Status/Advisor Information.”

Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services (STR 313) can provide assistance with many academic challenges: 

  • Strategies for Your Educational Success workshops provided by ECDS to help students identify their personal obstacles, strengths, learning styles, and how to better approach the variety of course demands and teaching styles in the academic environment. For more information, call 591-3057.

  • Career Counseling is also provided by Educational Counseling and Disabilities Services for undecided students and those interested in exploring career options or contemplating a major change. Call 591-3057 or email for an appointment. You may also want to contact your College’s Educational Counselor to assist you in exploring alternative program-majors within your college.

  • Disabilities Services can provide academic accommodations to students with documented disabilities. If you have a documented disability or are unsure if you have a learning disability, make an appointment to discuss your learning challenges with a counselor.

  • Counseling Center (BHC 210) provides confidential counseling sessions in which students are helped to define the problem(s) they wish to resolve and develop goals and strategies for resolving them. For additional information, call 591-5968 or stop in on the second floor of the Birkam Health Center. This may be a useful resource if you think there are life issues hindering your academic efforts.

  • FSU Classes

    • UNIV 101: College Study Methods:  Basic college academic survival skills and study techniques.

    • CARE 102: Career & Education Planning:  Self-evaluation, vocational and educational planning, and the concept of career development as a lifelong process.

Online Resources

Tools for Academic Success: Handouts designed to give you tips on how to turn areas of academic weaknesses into strengths and classes offered by Ferris State University on study skills and career decision making.

The Unabridged Student Counseling Virtual Pamphlet Collection: An on-line library of multiple issues impacting college students hosted by the University of Chicago.

Study Guide and Strategies: An on-line public service helping learners to succeed since 1996. 

Setting Goals for Yourself, and Motivating Yourself to Succeed (PDF): Goal Setting Booklet developed by the University of Cincinnati’s Learning Assistance Center.

The Learning Center: An online study skills library hosted by Western Oregon University.