Ferris State Graphic Design Alumna Brings Value To The Industry

Graphic design isn’t only a career for Taylor Kasony; it’s her passion. Kasony graduated from Ferris’s graphic design program last spring. Today, she is a designer at AGP and Associates, Inc. in Midland. Her technical and conceptual skills as well as her passion and character are all the result of the graphic design program at Ferris State University.

“I am not exaggerating when I say that everything I was taught in the Ferris State Graphic Design program is put to work everyday at my job as a designer at AGP and Associates, Inc.,” Kasony said.

Ferris’s graphic design program taught Kasony everything she needed on how be successful in the industry. She learned technical skills such as typesetting, file management, print production, web development and software proficiency. In addition to those technical skills, she also learned the soft skills she’ll carry with herself throughout her career.

The graphic design program taught Kasony how to be a team player and provided her with valuable problem-solving skills. She also learned the importance of perseverance, paying attention to detail, and putting others’ needs before herself. Kasony says not a day goes by where she doesn’t implement all of those skills and attitudes into her career.

One of the most important things the graphic design program taught Kasony was the ability to keep up with the latest industry trends and to always keep learning. Because of this, Kasony has the ability to work on a variety of projects and tackle any obstacle that may come her way.

“It’s hard to attribute any one thing as the biggest influence on my career, but I would have to say it’s my flexibility,” Kasony said. “My ability to use what I know to learn what I don’t know makes me flexible.”

At AGP and Associates Kasony is given the opportunity to do a little bit of everything. Some of the projects she works on ranges from various corporate print pieces to large-scale displays. She is also given the opportunity to do web page designs and development, email campaign designs and development and some truly fun projects such as posters and illustrations.

The most rewarding aspect of graphic design is the industry’s culture says Kasony. She explained how design overlaps technology, communication, anthropology and also art. For Kasony, design is more of a lifestyle than a job because it’s not something she can turn off at the end of the day.

“Design can be both practical and beautiful,” Kasony said. “Design can take something complex and make it simple, clear, and likeable. Getting to be a part of such an inspiring industry and practice those ideas makes the work rewarding.”

Her advice to current seniors is to simply stick with the program and to persevere. It’s all about the ends justifying the means. For future students, Kasony believes the graphic design program can only make them stronger artists.

“Even if you decide along the way that graphic design isn’t your passion, what you learn here will be useful to you in any career,” Kasony said.