Music Industry Student Experiences Talent Buying in the Real World

This summer, Connor LaRowe is living his dream. As a Music Industry Management senior, He is interning with Fusion Shows, located in Lansing.

“I get to work with some of my best friends every day, doing what I love. Being a part of something that makes so many people excited, and that so many people are passionate about, is the coolest thing in the world.”

Fusion Shows is an independent concert promotion company. LaRowe is the Talent Buying/Marketing Assistant and helps with anything and everything related to marketing at the company an also assists in the talent buying of local and national touring artists (which means he helps find great artists to book at Fusion events).

The company was founded in 2008 and LaRowe has done his best to help the business since their opening, while getting hands-on experience along the way. After his internship ends in August, he plans to stay with Fusion Shows as a fulltime employee. 

LaRowe credits the College of Business with teaching him the best way to handle a heavy workload and adapt to new challenges. As he prepares to graduate in August, he has become a true music industry professional. LaRowe hopes that by the end of the summer he’ll have been able to help Fusion Shows buy the biggest tours possible and assist in making those shows as profitable as possible.

Connor LaRowe is interning at Fusion Shows as the Talent Buying/Marketing Intern.

The Music Industry Management program combines the business industry with all thing music, including radio, concert, orchestra, recording, and many others.

Connor hopes to help Fusion shows by buying them the biggest and most profitable tour.