Second Place Brand X Winners


A team from Ferris earned second place in the Brand X Challenge.

The Brand X Experience Design Students Competition is a national competition for undergraduate design students. For earning second place the team won prizes and $2,000 to split between the participants.

Captain Ashley Kasul led the team, which consisted of Haley Hawes, Brandon Knap, and Alex Papin. All of the members are juniors in the graphic design program. The team entered the competition for the opportunity to learn about experience design and to work with excellent mentors.

The main objective of the campaign was to get consumers to understand what Under Armour is all about. They want consumers to take those ideals and apply them to their own lives as they begin their own athletic journeys.

The team developed a color palette as a way to attract consumers, came up with ways to engage the consumers, thought of ways to immerse the audience, and ways to reward the consumers. They also discovered ways to develop the success rates of their campaign.

The team's submission website can be accessed by clicking here.

Congratulations to the team for earning second place!


Story by: Amy Hughes