Studying in the Insurance and Risk Management Program

Sarah Scobey is a Insurance and Risk Management student that hopes to become the head of a risk management department.


Sarah Scobey found herself drawn to statistical analysis and management styles while studying at Ferris State University. While searching for a career path other than statistician, she found her passion in the Insurance and Risk Management program.

Scobey, a second-year student from Middleville, Mich., is building her career towards becoming a risk manager for a large, well-known company. Her end goal is to become head of a risk management department.

“My favorite part about the program is the opportunities that are available and the faculty whom have made students feel like we are really important part of the College of Business. It’s a nice, small family type of atmosphere. I hope it expands because it’s already such an awesome community,” said Scobey.

An industry-related internship provides practical experience for Insurance and Risk Management students. Scobey has not found an internship yet, but she hopes to work with a company like Meijer to discover a realistic look at being a professional in the risk management industry. Both faculty members and the internship coordinator are currently assisting Scobey to find a program that will fit her internship goals.

The Insurance and Risk Management program offers students practical and educational opportunities to learn about the industry and gain on-the-job experience. Students in this program are qualified for careers as agents, field representatives, underwriters, and claims representatives. Classes such as, Insurance Law, Insurance Company Operations, and Risk Analysis Strategy, are just a few of the ways students relevant and quality mentorship at Ferris. For more information visit,