Professional Tennis Management

Industry Relationships

In order to maintain the integrity of the Professional Tennis Program (PTM) at Ferris State University we have many ties to industry. Our industry partners are wide and include having members of the Tennis Industry as members of our advisory boards.

United States Racquet Stringers Association 

USRSA – United States Racquet Stringers Association

The United States Racquet Stringers Association is a worldwide organization of more than 7,000 racquet technicians, teaching professionals, racquet sports retailers, manufacturers and sales organizations, and tennis, racquetball, squash, and badminton enthusiasts.

Our mission is to educate all our constituencies to better understand, service, perform with, and enjoy the technological wonders known as racquets, strings, balls, courts, shoes, and stringing machines.

We accomplish this with our "information technology" products --, Racquet Sports Industry magazine, Racquet Tech magazine, The Stringer's Digest four-volume set, "Racquet Service" video, Racquet Service Interactive CD-ROM, stringing workshops, and certification education and testing.

 United States Professional Tennis AssociationUnited States Professional Tennis Association

USPTA – United States Professional Tennis Association

Founded in 1927, USPTA strives to raise the standards of the tennis profession while promoting greater awareness of the sport. USPTA offers 70 professional benefits to its more than 15,000 members worldwide, including certification and professional development. With more than 300 days of educational opportunities throughout the year, USPTA offers the most comprehensive continuing education program in the tennis industry.

 PTR – Professional Tennis Registry

PTR – Professional Tennis Registry

Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) is the largest global organization of tennis teaching professionals and coaches with more than14,000 members in 117 countries.  It has the greatest percentage of multicultural and women members of any such organization.  PTR offers pathways to certification so tennis teachers can specialize in Junior Development, Adult Development and/or Performance.  PTR is dedicated to educating, certifying and servicing tennis teachers and coaches around the world in order to grow the game. For information about PTR membership, benefits, insurance and certification, visit or call PTR Headquarters at 843-785-7244.