William Smith Management Department Chair

College of Business Office BUS 200
(231) 591-2427

Professional activities and areas of interest

Professor Smith has a great interest in entrepreneurship and international trade. When not teaching at the University, he spends a great deal of his time overseas engaged in international commerce, particularly in West Africa and Russia. Professor Smith has a diverse background to draw from in teaching his courses. He has been an Army Sergeant in Vietnam, a Reserve Officer in Naval Intelligence, an attorney and a Businessman. He has served on numerous local, state and national committees. As National Vice President of the Reserve Officers Association, he worked with congress and the White House (including the President) on legislative concerns. In 1994 the Governor of Michigan appointed Professor Smith to the five member State Hospital Finance Authority. In fiscal year 2000 the Authority issued over 1.3 billion dollars in bonds. In 1992, Professor Smith served on President Bush's national campaign staff in Washington D.C. In teaching his finance, management, and law courses, Professor Smith weaves his international adventures, business, military, and law experiences, into a mosaic of life outside the class room. He challenges his students not to break old molds but to create new ones. He instills a sense of adventure in the career that lies ahead. He encourages his students to see the big picture and to be a part of it. "Life is a smorgasbord… Don't spend your whole life at one table".


J.D., Law, Michigan State University College of Law

M.B.A., Finance, Michigan State University

B.A., Communication, Michigan State University