Professional Golf Management

PGM Overview

About Professional Golf Management

The Professional Golf Management Program (PGM) at Ferris State University was established in 1975. The program is best described as a joint venture with the Professional Golfers Association of America (PGA) and designed for the student interested in a career in the golf industry as a PGA member. Students enrolled in the PGM program gain both a B.S. degree in business from Ferris State University and experience credits toward membership in the PGA.

The Ferris program was the first of its kind and includes preparation in the following areas: operation of a golf shop (including marketing, merchandising, accounting, and small business management); golf course maintenance; public relations; teaching skills; rules of golf; club repair and fitting and the organization and conduct of golf events.

This preparation is acquired through on-campus study on the Big Rapids campus along with five semesters of work in a cooperative education program. The required internship experience of five semesters (16-20 months) gives students the opportunity to work at golf facilities with PGA professionals or in administrative positions in PGA affiliated organizations.

PGM students enrolled in the program are required to enter the PGA's Professional Golf Management Program. This program is administered on campus and is also an integral component for the students.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Professional Golf Management Program is to prepare students for a variety of careers in the golf industry as PGA Members. This mission is accomplished by offering a business degree in marketing/retailing and integration of the Professional Golfer's Association's Golf Professional Training Program into the curriculum. This is accomplished through a unique internship program which allows students to gain real-life experience at golf facilities with PGA professionals or in administrative positions in PGA affiliated organizations.





  • To provide students with a broad general education including scientific understanding, quantitative skills, decision-making, cultural enrichment, social and global awareness, marketing, and business.
  • To provide students with work experience in the golf business through an intensive internship program structured around learning guidelines and objectives.
  • To continue to recruit students and place interns nationally to foster the geographic diversity of the PGM student group.
  • To provide a unique opportunity that cannot be achieved through the traditional PGA membership route. The PGA-endorsed program combines academics (B.S., Marketing), internships, and the PGA's Professional Golf Management Program requirement.
  • To maintain the endorsement and support of the PGA.
  • To provide the golf industry with graduates who have the education and experience to be highly competent golf professionals.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, golfing ability, and social consciousness through an active Professional Golf Management Student Association (PGMSA), whose structure and meetings parallel the structure and operation of the PGA.
  • encourage students to continue with the educational programs of the PGA needed for Class A status, the PGA Master Professional program, and/or graduate school, and to encourage lifelong learning.