ISI Reconstructs Their RSO

Information Security and Intelligence
revamps their student organization

By: Olivia Adams


Have you ever wondered what goes behind your Facebook password or how your information stays secure when you make an online purchase?

The Information Security and Intelligence program is reactivating the Information Security and Intelligence Alliance (ISIA) RSO to educate students about the importance of having a secure network.

This organization was created to raise awareness of information security and relate the topic to Ferris students and the Big Rapids community. ISIA offers a wide range of opportunities for prospective members.

The organization hopes to bring speakers and workshops to campus as well as area schools to inform people about the importance of securing their networks. Not only will this be an opportunity to learn about ISI, but also students will have the chance to build networks and learn about internship and career opportunities.

Kristie Sexton, ISI junior and the vice president of ISIA, wants to spread awareness of information security on campus and through out the community. “We want to go to the public schools to speak to students and explain how information security relates to them, like securing their Facebook,” Sexton said. “On campus we are thinking of more interactive events and hosting workshops.” The demand for ISI is high, especially in the private sector.

The ISI program at Ferris State University is very interactive and gives students to the opportunity to have hands-on experience. Students are able to use digital forensic programs that are used by law enforcement to give them a more interactive experience. “Information security is relevant to anyone,” Sexton said. “I think it’s an interesting program, even if you aren’t a computer 'techie' person.

You can find some benefits from just learning about information security like securing your data, being secure on the internet, securing your Facebook and your phone. There are a lot of different topics.” ISIA is meeting unofficially on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. in the IRC Connector. Students who are interested in joining are welcome to request to join the ISIA group on Facebook or e-mail Kristie Sexton at


Link to Information Security and Intelligence Program