Financial Organization Grows by Combining Fun and Finance

“Finance pertains to so many aspects of your life. Everybody is making money and trying to see how far they can stretch their money; so it is really interesting to learn the best ways to do that,” said Jaclyn Meunier, a junior in the finance program and member of the Financial Management Association (FMA).

The FMA is seeking to increase its membership while also providing the best opportunities for members to learn more about the finance industry and provide networking opportunities. President Ethan Watkins, a senior in the Business Management program, is working to keep this mission alive and to expand it along with the organization.

“Last year there wasn't a whole lot of participation but this year I was hoping that we could really start something up and get something going,” said Watkins. “We get to mold it into something new.”

Under Watkins’ leadership, the organization has improved these areas by sending out emails to inform students of the available services the organization can provide and to spread the word that you do not have to be a finance student to join. FMA is also working on fliers and collaborating with professors to offer extra credit to join the organization.

The Financial Management Association is also trying to appeal to new and current members with some fun and educational activities. Their main trip is to the Chicago Stock Exchange, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Federal Reserve. FMA also brings in guest speakers that provide real world experience from industries, such as investing, banking, real estate/mortgage, and corporate finance. They also participate in a mock stock-trading contest where they compete against each other using the Wall Street Survivor.

Along with those activities, the FMA plans fundraisers, community service programs, and leadership programs to raise awareness about the organization at Ferris and its community. All members have the opportunity and are encouraged to join the National Financial Management Association to gain National benefits such as scholarships, job recruiting, career fairs, and national conventions.

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Students participate in FMA for professional development and networking opportunities.

FMA members collaborate for new events, activities, and ideas.