College of Business Enrollment Continues to Grow

College of Business enrollment has reached an all time high of 2,777 students for the 2013 fall semester, making it the largest college at Ferris State University. There also have been a record number of Bachelor’s degrees conferred by the college for the 2012-2013 school year; nearly 500 total. In fact, the college just continues to grow in size each year, even outpacing the growth rate of the university as a whole. So what is it that makes the College of Business at FSU so successful? According to College of Business Dean David Nicol, the answer is simple: our outstanding programs.

“We have a number of programs that are the first in the country in their particular field. For example, PGM and PTM were the first of their type; Graphic Design as well. Many of our programs are typically found within other colleges at other universities. We take the perspective, and confirm by the industry leaders, that these are typically skills practiced in a business environment. So our students come away with a strong business foundation, yet a very real understanding of their field.”

The College of Business at Ferris has a long-standing history of success. Students and graduates have obtained some of the best internships and jobs in the country. And across all programs, the College of Business has an impressive job placement rate; some even boasting an impressive 100% placement rate. According to Dean Nicol, College of Business enrollment data speaks for itself.

“College enrollment has grown all but one year in the past seven years, and that’s at a time when in Michigan, and nationally, enrollment has gone down. So in that way, students have confirmed that we have something valuable to offer. They get jobs. That is a testament to our excellence."

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