Registration and Academic Guide 2015-2016

How to Read Course Information


This is the box that is clicked on when you wish to select a section. If the letters “SR” appears instead of a box it is an indication the student has a hold(s) or is ineligible to register. “NR” means registration is not open. If the letter “C”appears this indicates the section is full.

CRN (Course Reference Number)

This five digit number is unique to each course section and used by the student to register for their courses.

Subj (Subject), Crse (Course), Sec (Section)

The subject is the four (4) character abbreviation for the name of the course.

The course is the actual course number.

Sections can be numerical, alpha or a combination of both letters and numbers. Numerical sections are normally courses held on campus. Sections that are completely alpha typically represent courses that are taught at off-campus locations. If the section code is a combination of letters and numbers (VL1, VL2, etc.) it denotes the section is an internet course.

Cmp (Campus)

The campus abbreviation indicates where the section will be held. Examples: “M” indicates the Big Rapids main campus, “NT” indicates the section will be held in Traverse City, etc. There is also a column named “Attributes", which will help to indicate what part of the state the section will be held.

Cred (Credits), Title, Days, Time

Credits are how many credit hours are assigned to the course. Title, Days, and Times indicate details of what the course is and when it is meeting.

The day abbreviations: M=Monday, T=Tuesday, W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, U=Sunday. If the day field is blank, it means the days and times will be announced at a later date. Contact the departmental office for more information.

NOTE: If SU is listed together this means the class meets on Saturday and Sunday.

Cap (Capacity), Act (Actual Enrollment). Rem (Remaining Seats), Instructor

Cap is the total number of seats for the course, while Act is the number of students currently enrolled in the course. Rem indicates the number of seats left that are available for registration.

Date (MM/DD)

All courses have start and end dates indicating when the section will be held within the term.


The directory of buildings can be found under the listing of Building Abbreviations. If nothing appears where the building and room normally would be, the location will be listed at a later date. Contact the departmental office for additional information.


This column will list a variety of information such as: approved general education, department permits assigned to a section, campus location information, sections flagged as internet fully on line, etc.

Click on the CRN to View Additional Information (such as: Schedule Type)

The schedule type may be any of the following: IND=independent study, LAB=laboratory, LEC=lecture, CLL= combined lecture and laboratory, PRA=practicum, SEM=seminar, or SLA=Structured Learning Assistance (view more information about SLA on the University College Services page).

Prerequisites and Special Information

Listed here are any prerequisites or special information a student should know about the course.