Registration and Academic Guide 2015-2016

Registration Instructions

From our homepage click on the MyFSU button, and enter your “User Name” and “Password”. If you are unsure of your sign on information there are instructions on the front page of MyFSU.

Select Registration

  • Select “Look Up Classes” to view course offerings. Be sure to select the correct semester and read the instructions printed on this page before selecting any search criteria.
  • After selecting a subject and clicking on the “Class Search” button, click in the “Select” box of the course in which you wish to enroll and click on “Register” at the bottom of the screen. The next screen will indicate whether the class is added to your schedule. If it was not added, the screen will indicate the reason why: the class is full; it has a time conflict with another class; requires a department permit, the prerequisite has not been met, etc. When adding or dropping sections be sure to click on the “Submit Changes” button at the bottom of the screen to complete your transaction. A new class search can be started from this screen.
  • Clicking on the CRN will take you to the Class Schedule Listing; which lists more information about the section.
  • To acquire a permit or verify prerequisite requirements you should contact the appropriate departmental office.
  • Print a copy of your schedule by using any option “Week at a Glance” , “Student Detail Schedule”, or “Concise Schedule”.
  • Registration status, holds and advisor information can also be viewed using the “Registration” page by clicking on “Registration Status/Advisor Information”.