Ferris State University | Summer Sports and Academic CampsSports Camps

Young athletes can choose a sports camp at Ferris State and enjoy a summer experience where they can build skills and improve their game.

Ferris summer sports camps and clinics are designed to help players learn from the Ferris coaching staff and members of Bulldog varsity teams on what it takes to move their game to the next level, whether that level is to make the varsity or simply to have some serious fun.

Summer Sports Camps

Summer Sports Clinics

  • Track & Field Sports Clinic
  • Football Coaches Sports Clinic
  • Softball Indoor Team Sports Clinic
  • Volleyball Youth Training Sports Clinic
  • Women's Soccer Youth Skills Sports Clinic
  • Women's Soccer High School Player Skills Sports Clinic


To Register for Sports Camps
Web: Sports Camps Online
Call:   (866) 950-2267
Email: summercamps@ferris.edu

Ferris State University | Summer Sports and Academic CampsAcademic Camps

Looking for a fun and rewarding summer experience? We have what you need here at Ferris State University!

Most academic camps are specifically designed for high school students, or students entering high school in Fall 2015.

Big Rapids
• Biotechnology
• Bulldog Writers
• Cyber Security
• Design & Manufacturing

Grand Rapids
• Digital Animation & Game Design
• Digital Media Software Engineering


To Register
Web: Academic Camps Online
Call:  (800) 562-9130

Email: caps@ferris.edu