Ferris State University

Resetting Your Password for MyFSU, Novell, and CCA (CISCO Clean Access) systems

Ferris State University has recently made it possible for all students, faculty, and staff to reset their own passwords, instead of contacting TAC for assistance.

  1. At the Virtual Office login screen, click Forgot your password?

  2. Enter your Username in the box provided, and click Submit.

  3. Note: The next screen will prompt you to answer 2 challenge questions.

  4. Enter the responses you originally set into each of the Response boxes provided.

  5. Click Submit.
    Note: When setting your new password, you must meet the following required criteria:
    • Minimum number of characters: 8
    • Maximum number of characters: 30
    • Your password must contain a numeral
      • Minimum number of numerals: 1
      • Maximum number of numerals: 30
    • The password is case sensitive
      • Minimum number of uppercase characters: 1
      • Maximum number of uppercase characters: 30
      • Minimum number of lowercase characters: 1
      • Maximum number of lowercase characters: 30
    • Do not use special characters
    • Your password must be unique
  6. Enter your new password in the New password and Retype password boxes provided. The password you entered in these two boxes must match.
  7. Click Submit.
  8. If your password follows the above guidelines, it will be successfully changed.

  9. Close the Internet browser window when done before logging in again.

If this attempt is unsuccessful, please contact TAC at (231) 591-4822.


Technology Assistance Center | 231.591.4822 | Toll Free at 877.779.4822