Ferris State Ropes Course

The Ferris State University Challenge Course consists of a series of low and high elements connected to telephone poles and trees that are designed for group and individual participation. The high elements course is built on telephone poles and will require the use of an extension ladder to access the course. The climbing staples are 14 feet above the ground which makes the course inaccessible when not in use. The elements vary in height from 15 feet to 35 feet above the ground. Hardware items for the course include cables, ropes, climbing gear, and rigging hardware. The course is set up in a way to simulate challenges that are found in a natural setting. Safety and cooperation are essential to this program. The challenge course challenges the intellect through problem solving activities, as well as emotions like compassion, fear, fatigue, and joy.

We will do our best to accommodate all groups, however, reservations and changes made with less than two weeks notice may be difficult to accommodate.

Ropes Course Video

Ferris State Ropes Course
10199 205th Ave
Big Rapids, MI 49307