Laundry Facilities On-Campus

Laundry Facilities

Most Residence Halls have laundry facilities on each floor. For Cramer Hall, laundry facilities are located on the third and eighth floors.

Students living in the East or South Campus Apartments (H, K, L, M, N, and P) will find laundry facilities on the first floor of each building.

Students living in the West Campus Apartments have a washer and dryer in the basement of each unit. West Campus apartment machines do not require cards or coins to operate.

Laundry Cards

Students receive a laundry card when they check in at the start of the academic school year. Each card contains $90 ($45 for students who move in for the spring semester), which is the equivalent of 120 cycles, where 1 cycle is needed to start a washer or dryer. The card is valued to provide laundry needs over the entire academic year. Each time a machine is used a cycle is automatically deducted from the card. Students are cautioned to know that laundry cards are like cash. Once lost the card is gone and it is the student's responsibility to replace at his/her own cost. If lost, a new laundry card may be purchased at a cost of $5.00. Please note replacement cards do not have any preloaded value. Students must add value to the card for card to operate the laundry machines. The laundry card vending station is located in the lobby of Cramer Hall. There is no refund or return of any value remaining on the card.

Students living in the East or South Campus Apartments (H, K, L, M, N, and P) also receive a laundry card upon check in. Laundry cards for apartment residents contain $120 or the equivalent of 160 cycles.

All laundry cards must be returned at the time of check out. Failure to return the assigned laundry card will result in a $5 charge.

Laundry Equipment Servicing

All laundry equipment on-campus is serviced by Automatic Apartment Laundries (AAL). Students can report concerns with laundry equipment to AAL at 1-800-521-9938.