Living Room and Bedroom Furniture Use and Care

The bedroom furniture in the east Campus Suites are solid wood construction. The furniture is very sturdy yet susceptible to scratches and dings.  We ask residents to utilize the utmost care.


Loft Diagram

Residents should know that the beds are fully adjustable. We encourage residents to place the bed at the height most comfortable to each individual. Please note the black stabilizer bar that offsets the placement of the bed springs.  If using the bedsprings higher, please place the stabilizer bar lower. Conversely, if placing your bed lower, please use the stabilizer bar in a higher position. Please consult a staff member with questions on bed adjustments. 


Bedroom furniture should be cleaned with a household dusting solution. Please note that all university furniture must remain in the suite. Please note the upholstery on the living room and lobby furniture. With proper care this furniture should last for many years. Please be mindful not to spill food or beverages on the furniture or carpet. Should any spills occur, you may be saved a great deal of money by asking for Ferris State Custodial Services to address the stains immediately. Please let us know if messes occur so we can help you have the best suite possible. Furniture may carefully be vacuumed for cleaning.

It is very important that residents utilize the safety rail attached to each bed frame whenever the bed is more than a foot off the ground. This will aid in keeping residents safe. Please note each bed has a headboard style design to keep pillows from falling while the footboard of each bed serves as a ladder.

Unfortunately residents may not make holes in the walls. Any damage to walls will result in charges for repair at the end of the year.