Building Access and Security
Residents of each building gain access through outside doors by sliding their Bulldog ID through card readers at each door. Residents gain access to their suite by inserting their Bulldog ID card into the lock system. Residents gain access to their bedroom via a key assigned specifically to each student.

We ask all residents to help keep the buildings secure. Please do not prop outside doors or attempt to defeat the building security systems. Similarly, residents are reminded to be careful with windows. We ask that windows be closed and locked whenever possible, especially if leaving the room or suite.

Blue light emergency phones are located throughout the East Suites site. Pressing the red button places callers in contact with Public Safety dispatch immediately. Please use Red Button emergency calls only for emergencies.

Guests to the suites must be escorted by a resident at all times. Guests alert residents of their arrival by utilizing the black telephone number and dial pad to phone the suite of their intended host. Host residents must walk to the entrance and escort guests to and from their suite and throughout their visit.