Living with Parents

Unfortunately, some students have attempted to circumvent spirit and letter of the University's residency policy by claiming a relative's home or vacation property as the permanent home of the parent. The Housing Office, in an effort to provide fair and consistent service to all students, may require proof of residency from students and/or parents. The patience and cooperation of students and parents in this process is greatly appreciated. Some general guidelines students should consider:

  • Students anticipating a move of the family home within the 50 road-mile radius from campus should wait to sign the housing contract.
  • Once signed, the Housing and Dining Contract is generally binding through the academic year for which it was signed, even if the family home relocates during the year.
  • Situations where parents enter into lease agreements with local landlords on behalf of the student, when such property is not the permanent home of the parent, do not constitute grounds for release from the residency requirement.
  • Similarly, some families elect to invest in a home in the area for their student's use. The home in this scenario is not the permanent home of the parent, thus, students would not be released from the residency requirement until the student reaches the age of 20 prior to the start of the academic semester (as outlined in the Housing and Dining Contract).
  • Finally, the transfer of the student's guardianship to a local friend or family member, to establish a local parental home, is not within the spirit of the residency requirement and is not grounds for a release.
Exemption Forms