Residency Requirement Exceptions Forms

The request for an exception to the residency policy process is a paper process meaning consideration is given to the written materials submitted by students. Please note that requests for exception to the residency requirement must be filed by the student. Students, regardless of age and funding source, are the contract holder with the university. In keeping with guidelines set forth in the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), responses will be provided only to the student making the request. We're sorry to say we are not able to accommodate in-person meetings or telephone conversations concerning this process. All decisions of the board are reviewed before responses are disseminated; because of this unbiased review by the board, the board's ability to reference and confer with appropriate campus resources on reasonable accommodation, and with a review of the board's recommended outcomes, all decisions of the appeals process are final. Once a decision is rendered, further request for appeal will not be considered.

Request form for students who have signed a Housing Contract.

The Housing and Dining Contract states explicitly that students should not enter into this contractual obligation until they are certain they are committing to all of the terms and conditions of the contract. Once signed, students must fulfill all of the terms and conditions. Students will not be released from the contract once signed. The Housing and Dining Contract contains several pleas asking students not to sign until they are certain of fulfilling the commitment the contract represents.

Request form for students who have not yet signed a Housing Contract.

University holds prevent students from registering for classes until all eligibility criteria are met. Criteria include such items as submission of health records, the residency requirement and payment for all current charges owed to the university. The University places a "Housing" registration hold on the account of each student who by age may be required to live on campus. Student accounts are cleared from holds only by meeting the criteria of the specific hold on the account. New and returning students required by policy to live on campus are not eligible to register for classes for the coming year until the Housing and Dining Contract has been signed.