Eating Vegan and Vegetarian On Campus

The life of a college student is hard enough without having to worry about where to eat and whether the food is "eatable." As a vegan or vegetarian student it is more difficult to find food options that are appropriate. However, Ferris State University Dining Services does a great job at making these options available. With so many different stations, The Rock Café is a great place for vegan and vegetarian students. Daily, we offer a variety of vegan/vegetarian soups, vegetarian entreés, salads, sandwiches, Healthy Choice entreés, and it also has a Mongolian Grill. In addition, near the entrance to The Rock Café students will find each day's vegetarian options posted. The Quad Café, our newly renovated dining center located on north campus, has The Riverside Grill, Brickworks Pizza, Breakfast Skillet, Pastabilities and Dawghouse Deli with even more selections that appeal to a variety of tastes.

If you have questions or suggestions for Dining Services please contact a manager at the Rock Café, Quad Cafe, or the Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at (231) 591-3747 or


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