Helpful, Healthy Hints

Helpful Hints:

Try to select fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals for more fiber and nutrient value.

You may use recommended servings of fat with any meal. We do not use butter or margarine on cooked vegetables, except squash and sweet potatoes. If you prefer 2% milk instead of skim milk, add less fat to your foods.

Select food items from the salad bar at the times you desire something other than an entrée, for example cottage cheese, meat salad, and fresh vegetables. Just be careful, some salads and toppings can be high in fat and calories. (See Nutrition Search on Dining Services' Web Site)

How to Gain Weight:

For students who need to gain weight, reduce your activity level if possible, aim for eight hours of sleep a day and choose nutritious high caloric foods. Cheese, nuts, seeds, peanut butter, 2% milk and dried fruits are good choices. It is also important to establish regular times for meals and snacks. Smaller but more frequent meals may be helpful.

To gain one pound a week, add 750 calories a day, because gaining weight requires more energy to build and maintain muscle tissue.

If you have more questions, need additional information or wish to make an appointment, please contact Brenda Walton, RD, Ferris State University Dining Services (231) 591-3747 or at this link.

Finally, we hope you will enjoy your dining experience!