Allergy Information

Food Allergies

Dining Services aims to provide safe and nutritious meals to everyone who dines with us. We recommend students and guests with food allergies inform the Host or Hostess at either The Rock or The Quad Café and ask to speak with a manager about your dietary needs. The Manager will assist you with menu suggestions and answer questions specific to your allergy. Students with a meal plan should also make an appointment to meet with the Dietitian and learn how we can provide you with more allergen-friendly selections at each facility. You may be required to provide an Accommodations Form about your dietary needs. If a doctor prescribes medicine like an EpiPen, carry it with you at all times to use in the event of an allergic reaction. 

Students and guests can view the menus, recipe ingredients and potential allergens online or by using the iPad’s at the entrance to The Rock Café and Quad Café. The Allergen Filter, which is located in the upper right corner of the menu page, allows you to identify which foods may contain your allergens.

Gluten Intolerance

Both restaurants have gluten-free wraps, buns, pizza, pasta, and cereal which are available upon request for students and guests. See the menus online for more choices using the Allergen Filter or ask the Manager about the gluten-free options for the day. Most of the food stations can accommodate for gluten intolerance by making a specific request to the Manager. We will provide you with menu selections, cook and serve your food using separate utensils. We ensure that your meal will be safely prepared based on your needs. Students may be required to provide documentation about your dietary needs.

Download the Student Dietary Accommodations Form

For more information, contact the Registered Dietitian.